The IRS tax code is complex. It’s easy to fall behind. The IRS is notorious for aggressive tax collections when taxes go unpaid or returns are missing. Penalties and interest can rack up faster than the worst credit card, and the IRS can literally empty your bank account. Dealing with the IRS can be very overwhelming and stressful. The decision to handle this issue on your own without a professional is a very bad decision. If you have an IRS issue like a bank levy, receivable garnishment or missing tax returns, receiving a free tax consultation is extremely beneficial. 

Because there are so many factors affecting your rights and options under the IRS tax code, it’s impossible to determine what strategy is best for you without a conversation. However, the following is a list of potential options for resolving your tax issue. Call us at 833-836-6398

Installment Agreement

Most of our clients can’t pay all of their back taxes in the time frame that the IRS demands. We can negotiate terms that fit their budget.

Offer in Compromise

Depending on your income and assets, a “Pennies on the Dollar” settlement may be an option. The IRS is not known for giving gifts and doesn’t approve many OICs. That said, we have gotten many for our clients, with some savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Partial Pay Installment Agreement

This can be viewed as a hybrid between an Installment Agreement and an Offer in Compromise.

Currently Not Collectible Status

Many of our clients at present don’t have the funds for an installment arrangement, though their assets or income make an Offer in Compromise impossible. For these clients, we may pursue a “CNC” status.

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