IRS Tax Investigation Example


We have completed a thorough Tax Investigation with the IRS for you MR. EXAMPLE. Your case is being placed back into collections at this point. This is why you are receiving the IRS notices. We spoke with Ms. Smith , ID# 10000087. She advised us that you are missing returns for 2014, 2018 and 2019. The IRS filed a return for you in 2012 This return we may want to file correctly because it has a large balance. Your balances are from 2009-2013, 2015-2017. 2009 and 2010 are separate assessments due to an IA being established on a secondary taxpayer's account (Your Ex Wife). Payments shown on the transcripts are from her agreement.

The Total Balance the IRS has on your case including penalties and interest is $71,662.02.

We have attached the following to this email:
Account Transcripts
Account Transcript Breakdown
Tax Practitioner Break Down
Wage and Income Transcripts for years not filed

Our plan to proceed if you retain our firm is as follows:

File Power of Attorney and protect your income and assets- Completed
Review the Transcripts, Returns and balances- Completed
Review the benefits of filing the 2012 Tax return and then file to lower balance
File 2014,2018,2019 to be compliant with the IRS so we can start negotiations Once compliant, we need to prepare, submit and negotiate the IRS Financial Affidavit because the balance is over $50,000 threshold
Then set up a hardship or installment on the final balances


Our Tax Professionals contact the IRS as your Power of Attorney and order all the IRS Transcripts. We then review them and provide you with the following information pertaining to your case. Current Status of Your Case,  Compliance Requirements,  Missing Returns, Balances Owed,  Penalties and Interest, Credits, Collection Statute Dates and what programs you may qualify for . 

Contact us 772-999-6351

A Licensed Tax Professional Will Contact  You Once Completed. 

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